March 9, 2008

Thread a licious

I was enabled in my first Ebay purchase ever by my friend Jodi. She told me about these hand dyed DMC colors that she had purchased and I ended up buying this bunch for myself. I received some free skeins for a first time purchase. The seller's prices are really reasonable and I am very happy with my purchase. I bought a grouping of blues, greys, pumpkins (my favorites) the Easter collection and a grouping of pinks/heather purples. I may try some reds and greens in the futures and I need to see if she does a black.

I've also finally completed part one of the Papillon Mystery sampler. I've still got to add the beads. I've started part two so once that's stitched, I'll add the beads to both parts. I'm pretty happy with how its turning out. Some of the motifs I think would be more visible if I were using two strands of silk instead of one but others I think would be overwhelmed.


Barbara said...

No enabling! I'm trying so hard to be good! ;)

Love your stitching progress!!!

Joanie said...

Oh, gosh the colors are glorious! I don't need another set of threads but these are truly beautiful! Thanks a bunch for enabling, GF!!!

Your Papillion Mystery piece is very pretty! Looking forward to more progress photos.

Anna van Schurman said...

Your mystery is very pretty. I can't believe this is your first e-bay purchase! You held out.

Aussie Stitcher said...

The Papillon Mystery is coming along nicely,

Michelle said...

Pretty threads! I love how your Papillon mystery is coming along too!