October 17, 2011

Satisfying Weekend Progress

Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts about my stitching progress and Hillery, Barbara and I would LOVE it if you could make it down to stitch with us one of these days.  Would Bangor be any easier?  Let us know!

Despite spending an unfair amount of time on laundry, house cleaning and raking leaves, I was able to end the weekend with some fairly satisfying progress on my C@HRH piece.  I'm concerned I may run out of the very dark grey I am using to stitch the roof so I quickly placed an order with ABC Stitch Therapy in the hope it will arrive before I run out so that I can continue moving forward with this piece.  While on the website I couldn't miss the advertisement for the upcoming Online Needlework show.  Will you be shopping?  And if so, are you looking for anything special?  I have no need for any new stash but you know how it is with need and cross stitchers! Need has nothing to do with it.  Let me know what you're "needs" are please so I can check them out.

Hope your week got off to a great start and thanks for stopping by!


staci said...

Lovely progress! It really is a shame how chores interfere with stitching :)

mainely stitching said...

No word from Hillery? Did you get my suggestion of a date for November?

Great stitching!! :D

Chris said...

hey you! haven't seen you and beau lately...and no for sale sign...so what's up with that? the dentist and i had words...i'll share later...lol

your new stitching project is very pretty...hope you are doing ok.

take care. chris

Brigitte said...

Great progress on your HRH piece in spite of all the housework - which I hate, too, lol.
I haven't bought new stash for quite a while but I feel a new order is coming soon.I have to complete the anniversaries series by BBD. "Have to" sounds good, doesn't it? LOL.