November 1, 2011

November already?

Yikes this year is just rushing to a close!  October went out with a horrible trick of snow - a good 8 to 10 inches of it along with power outages.  I was out for a while but luckily the power at my house was back on by about 8:30am on Sunday morning.  Unfortunately, my poor sister in southern New Hampshire is still without and isn't likely to get it back for several more days. 

This is what it looked like when I stepped out to walk the dog on Sunday morning.  The landscape is still looking pretty surreal with snow on the ground, snowbanks and lots and lots of trees with their leaves still on.  Definitely one for the record books in several New England states.

Despite the unseasonable snow, I had quite a few trick or treaters last night.  Beau was beside himself with excitement every time someone started up the porch steps.  I kept the front door open so he could see through the screen door and warn me when someone was coming.  There was much whining and dancing about with anticipation.  The kids got a kick out of seeing him waiting at the door.  I was very impressed with the number of parents who dressed up along with their kids - kind of like this good dad.

From reading several blogs this morning I noticed it's National Blog Posting Month and I thought I'd see if I could actually come up with 30 days worth of blog posts all in one month.  I think I will take the tip shared by Lake Stitcher and use the prompts here for those days when I don't have much to say. 


staci said...

Glad you made it through your snowstorm ok. We're having more snow today!

Best of luck with NaBloPoMo!!!

Brigitte said...

Oh Patti, I don't envy you. That's really a bit early for this amount of snow. We often have bits of snow by the end of October and also through November but usually not 8 or 10 inches. I hope it will be melted soon.