January 2, 2012

End and Beginning of the Year Stitching

I had set a goal of completing the 6th block of Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow by the end of December and unfortunately, that did not happen.  I did put a few more stitches into it on the 31st but not enough to finish it off. 

Yesterday was UFO stitching day and I did manage to be fairly productive.  I completed the 5 square strip I started back in December.  Once I get going on this piece, it moves fairly quickly considering the over one stitching and the multiple color changes involved.  I find it so amazing how all those little teeny Xs manage to create this incredible display!  I think you will be seeing this piece a lot more this year than in previous years as it's one of my WIPocolypse pieces. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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mainely stitching said...

Great end and beginning, Patti! Still meeting up on Saturday??