February 20, 2012

The Beauty of Hand Made Gifts

A friend asked me to help her son with some crochet and they came over on Saturday afternoon so I could do that.  In appreciation, she gave me a gift bag full of the most wonderful hand made goodies.  My friend is the most fabulous scrapbooker and she makes cards that she sells in a number of locations to benefit the Animal Welfare Society in our area.

I was lucky enough to receive several hand made cards in addition to a really cute and clever note pad and the most adorable tile/trivet.  My friend is going to make me a set of coasters to match the trivet - isn't that nice?  I really enjoyed working with her son and I look forward to seeing him wearing the new hat he's planning to crochet during his winter break this week.
As someone who is usually on the giving end of hand made gifts, it's especially precious to receive them.  I so appreciate the time, care and creativity that went into these very special and appreciated gifts.

She also gave me the gift of photos of the love of my life which I wouldn't have been able to capture with my camera.  Is he a hound or what?  I so love my sweet Walker Coonhound.


barbara said...

Oh what a sweet picture of your dog!!!

Chris said...

you are most welcome! and thank you so very much for helping quinn out!! he is loving making his own hat!