February 18, 2012


Here is my Hermit Stitching weekend progress so far.  I have been working on my BBD Anniversary piece and have managed to finish up the house with a slight change.  The windows called for GAST Harvest Basket but again, the contrast between the window color and the house was virtually non existent so I went stash diving again for a more contrasting color. 

I used GAST Butternut Squash.  While it's definitely much brighter than the other colors in the piece, I kind of like the contrast.  It makes me think of a winter house with all the windows lit at night - kind of glowing. 
This piece has certainly kept me stash diving so far.  I hope that all of the substituting is over with and I can get on with completing it and moving on to the next piece.  I have two exchange pieces to get going so I am not sure how quickly this one will get completed.

Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend and getting lots of stitching time!


barbara said...

:) I love stash diving!

Barb said...

A great start and I think the windows look great!