April 2, 2012

Belated TUSAL photo

I obviously got a bit lost in the last half of March and neglected to post from where ever I disappeared to so my March TUSAL photo is quite late.  I did take the photo relatively on time, just never made it to the upload and blogging part of the process.  A lot of what went into the jar in March was the ripped out threads from my BBD Anniversaries of the Heart first go round.  There are threads from 2 exchanges in there too.  Aren't those daffodils lovely?  My favorite spring time flower.  They gave the living room the sweetest smell for a good week.

I have some more catching up to do but I need to get back to a crochet project that is calling my name.  I will show you more about that tomorrow!  Hope your April is off to a good start.....


barbara said...

And then my heart with pleasure fills,/And dances with the daffodils.

They're my favorite springtime flower, too. :)

Cole said...

Lovely TUSAL... and those daffodils are beautiful!