March 9, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy - Week 10

I can't believe we're already through week 10 of the new year - only 42 more to go people!!!

My week started off with these lovely bits of sunshine in the form of the first daffodils found at the grocery store.  I so love the fragrance of them and it will still be quite a while before we actually see the real thing springing up around here unfortunately. 

I needed to replenish some makeup items so I decided to make an appointment for a color refresh and came home with some new items.  I've been using MAC makeup for quite a while now and I love their products.  Getting new things to play with makes me very happy.  I love makeup!

Towards the end of the week, I managed to pick up a little stomach bug and while I was not happy about that, I was happy that I had a stash of chicken noodle soup on hand.  It really is a miracle cure and I am feeling much better today.

And my final happy for the week was the anticipation of a new project start.  I've had this yarn and the project for about a year or so and have been looking forward to making my first pair of wristlets/gauntlets.
I can't wait to get going on these.  I do hope you had a plethora of happy moments in your week, both the one just ended and the one to come!


P.J. said...

I love the happy daffy-dills! Glad you are feeling better. mmmm, soup sounds good.

Barb said...

It looks like great week. I am always so happy to see the first daffodils in the store. We have a nice bunch in our kitchen right now! Happy that you are feeling better. Stomach bugs are so miserable!

Brigitte said...

Wonderful, these daffodils. They really forecast spring. I saw our first primrose in the garden yesterday as we were having very mild temperatures during the last week. But the next snow storm will arrive tomorrow so winter will be back :((

Claire said...

Love your blog, a great read and photos.x