June 2, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy-Week 22

This week's happy moments definitely have a green theme without my intending them to. First up is my immaculately manicured lawn. 

We had tons of rain the previous week so I wasn't able to mow and the grass had gotten really tall.  I finally got a chance on Sunday afternoon and I was so happy with how great the yard looked afterwards.  Not a chore I enjoy but the results make me happy.  I do wish it would stay like this without growing though!

My efforts must have inspired my neighbor because on Tuesday this appeared - new border edging!  We share a driveway so I was thrilled with the addition to their yard and it's made me happy each day I've driven into the driveway.

Next up is a photo of the irises in my little front garden.  I had to thin them out this year and move some to the other side and I was really worried that they wouldn't bloom.  Obviously I don't have to worry as I should have some blooms to share next week I hope.  Iris is one of my favorite flowers - I find them so old fashioned.

Continuing the gardening theme is a photo of my porch planter boxes finally filled.  I always go with licorice plant as it thrives but this year I decided to try "million bells" in a deep red to see if they would flow down over the side and provide a nice contrast to the licorice.  We shall see on that. 

And finally - something green of a different sort.  It's been extremely warm for this part of country the last few days (in the 90s!) so I took cover indoors yesterday and gave lots of attention to my second butterfly sock.  I've turned the heel and am heading towards the toe now.  I do hope to finish this soon so I can cast on for another project.

I hope there were many happy things in your week and that the coming week brings many more!


Barb said...

Looks like you have many "green" things to be happy about.

Anna van Schurman said...

Love your "green post." The million bells should do exactly what you want them to do. In fact, this year I skipped the licorice plant in favor of million bells and double petunias. We'll see!