June 23, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy - Week 25

Short version this week:

I can tell it's summer because my neighbor is putting out the lawn animal ornaments.  More appear each day and they are arranged differently each year.  There are tons of them and they have a big yard!
It finally warmed up and while on the road, I caught this picture of the blue sky and these awesomely huge white clouds.
I finally finished my butterfly socks - yeah!  You can see the butteflies in the close up photo.

With the warmer weather, we've also had several late afternoon thunderstorms which I love!  This is a picture of the clouds earlier in the week.
Hope you had a great week and that summer time weather has arrived for you too!


Barb said...

Wonderful pictures of lovely socks and pretty clouds!

Brigitte said...

These socks look so great. I plan on take up knitting again later this year when I'll be retired. I hope I will have have enough time then because people say that you have even less time when retired, lol.