June 16, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy - Week 24

This week was very busy and I am finding it hard to focus on remembering to take photos through out the week.  While there are happy moments, I don't always remember to grab the camera to take pictures.

Here's what I gathered for week 14.  First up is an offer contract for the sale of my house.  I put it on the market mid May and the first person who looked at it has made an offer.  It's pending the home inspection but I have the feeling it will go forward.  I never expected it to happen so quickly so now I'm scrambling to find housing for me and my dog.
On Friday, it was Flag Day here and driving down a street on my way home, I was really happy and pleased to see many of these flags displayed.  It's nice to see patriotism in plain view!

We have had such a rainy June that it was a thrill to have perfect weather on Saturday - sunny and in the low 70s without the humidity we had most of the week.  This river was running very high as result of all the rain and the view of the sun on the water was gorgeous.

And finally, this Subway commercial has been making me laugh every time I see it.  The knitted sweater with avocado accents is just something else!  Here's the link as I don't know how to imbed the video

I hope you had a great week and that the coming week brings many happy moments for you and yours!

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Barb said...

All those are terrific reasons to be happy!!