August 11, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy - Week 32

This past week's happy moments occurred mid-week and down on Cape Cod.  I took a lightening fast overnight trip down on the 6th and 7th and they were perfect and filled with lots of great moments.

Shopping in Chatam - a mostly annual pilgrimage made by the whole family.  This is the front of a store called the Mermaids on Main.  It was a perfect day, sunshine, 70s and virtually no humidity.  Not very crowded either which was nice.

We went to the beach in Orleans in the afternoon and stayed until after 7pm.  It was my first beach day this summer which is hard to imagine given that it's August 11th already.  I have to try and get a few more in before the season ends.
Dinner included a homemade birthday cake and some lovely gifts.  Nothing better than spending the day with family and close friends and celebrating a birthday.

I headed home on Wednesday and made trip to IKEA.  It wasn't exactly on the way home but close enough that I could justify making the stop rather than driving down specifically to see the store.  I'm so glad I made the stop because I was less impressed than I expected.

The displays and prices are all enticing but I ended up leaving empty handed.  Not sure why but there didn't really seem to be anything I truly needed or couldn't find at Target.  I did bring back the catalog for future reference but I don't feel the need travel almost 3 hours to shop here.

Hope you had a great week.  The weather is gorgeous this weekend so I'm going to take advantage and get outside!


P.J. said...

happy birthday! I love the outdoor plantings and colors at the Mermaids on Main. Looks like the perfect beach day to me! Glad you had a good time.

Barb said...

Happy birthday to you and what a perfect way to spend a special day!!!! I agree with you about Ikea, we have to pay for a $30 ferry ride to get to ours-rarely worth it!

Melody said...

Happy Birthday! So glad you got to go the the beach and the cape to celebrate it! Love the name of the shop...Mermaids on Main.

I also agree about IKEA. Not that impressed. Our closest is 3 hrs. away.