August 31, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy - Week 35

My happy things for this 35th week of the year:

 1.  Learning a new craft.  I took a punchneedle class on Sunday and finally put to use the pattern and needle I'd purchased about 5 years ago.  Hopefully, as I punch more, my technique will improve.  Just the last color to go and I will be read to tackle the finishing part. 

 2. The end of August brings the biggest issues of all the fashion magazines and I got my Vogue issue in this week's mail.  I love to browse through them and daydream about what I'd buy if I had thousands to spend on clothes!

3.  Fall means new nail polish collections as well.  This is the color I spotted in my fashion mags called "For the Twill of It" by Essie.  I wasn't able to capture the color in the photo but it's a really neat combo of dark green and purple and it looks different depending on the angle. 

I gave myself a manicure while watching the start of college football.  That's my #4 for the week!  OSU won it's game and Alabama is on the way to winning it's game as well. 

It's a long weekend here and I'm planning to enjoy every minute.  I hope you had great week!


P.J. said...

Roll Tide! Cool polish. I have not delved into punch needle yet; but love the pattern you are working.

Brigitte said...

Great start on punchneedle. I have never tried it and don't know if I ever will because that would mean to buy a whole new stash, lol.
Have a great rest of the long weekend.