January 28, 2014

Sunday Stitching Day

I was going to title this post "International Travel Without Ever Leaving Maine" because on Sunday, I drove to Belfast, passing through China and Palermo on the way.  In three hours, I theoretically visited three countries all while in the geographic borders of Maine! 

Did you know that you could also visit Denmark, Mexico and Oxford? LOL  I always wonder if people were homesick or just not creative when they started naming towns in Maine.

I drove to Belfast to meet up with PJ at the Co-Op and spent a wonderful few hours stitching and getting to know another Maine stitcher.  Unfortunately, Barbara wasn't able to join us with everything going on but I hope the three of us can get together sometime soon.

Both PJ and I are stitching Christmas t Hawk Run Hollow although somehow I missed the fact that she was stitching hers over one on 40 ct.  We took a photo of our two pieces together and the size difference is kind of funny.  Her piece is just so fabulous over one.
Aren't the little skaters adorable?  They are so tiny.  This is going to be so wonderful when it's done.

Here's the progress I made on Sunday.  I'm really pleased with how much I've gotten done since finishing Block 9.  I want to keep that momentum going so I can finish off this piece and move on to something new.
 It was so wonderful to get to know PJ and she surprised me with a wonderful gift bag full of goodies. 

Barbara will have to wait a bit longer to get hers!  I wish I had been so thoughtful. Next time I will be better prepared.  We missed you Barbara!


Brigitte said...

Oh so great to have a little get-together with a fellow stitcher.
You are doing so great with your HRH piece and this wonderful project is really worth it. I can't imagine stitching such a big piece on 40 ct over one, must be really tiny stitches.

P.J. said...

It was a terrific time! Looking forward to the next get together with you and Barbara. I started on the snowman yesterday at lunch. :) Your New Years block is coming right along.

Rachel said...

Wow! I'm impressed by your friend's over 1! I'd go blind doing that on 40ct! And you're getting closer and closer to being done! What are you going to reward yourself with when you're finished?

Cheryl McCulloh said...

Both are fabulous! I just can't see to do 40 ct.
You will be done in no time.