February 12, 2006

Bad Blogger am I

Boy, I guess I've really been bad at blogging this week - nothing since Tuesday. The only reason is that I don't have much stitching related to share - I've been knitting more than stitching this week. I'm working on a shawl and a new pair of socks and they've held my interest more than stitching has.

That said, I did do a bit of UFO stitching this morning as it's the start of another UFO week on LaS. I am outlining the center quilt square I stitched last month. I'm almost done and then it's on the to the rice stitch border using perel cotton. So far, progress on this piece is going smoothly. I also put a little bit of time into D is for Deer on my CHS alphabet piece but not enough yet that's worth sharing.

Well, my plow guy is here so it's time to move the car. Ah, winters in Maine!

1 comment:

Von said...

Hi Patti! It's amazing how the days get away from us sometimes! I don't mind reading about things in your life other than stitching, so don't let lack of stitching progress hold you back.