February 6, 2006

Counting Down to Valentine's Day

Thank you to everyone for your kind comments about Beth. I really appreciate the support that stitchers are so quick to give - in the good times and in the bad.

On Saturday, I picked up a package at the post office which was from Harsha. It is my SBEBB Valentine's Exchange package and I'm determined to wait until the 14th to open it. Do you think I will last? It's such a temptation as it is sitting where I keep my car keys and purse. I pass it coming and going! Ah well, anticipation is part of the pleasure in receiving a gift from another stitcher. I know it will be lovely as Harsha does beautiful work.

I also started a new project on Saturday - my Storey Keeper by Selene Fenech from HAED. I made a fair amount of progress on it over the weekend so I will share it with you tomorrow. For now, here is a picture of the lovely thread keeper Jodi sent me with the threads for my CHS Alphabet piece. It's a bit awkward with the thread tags on it but I was afraid I'd forget which color was which. If anyone has any suggestions as to how it could work better, please let me know! I really love it.


KarenV said...

Could you perhaps keep the majority of the skein on the thread keeper and just keep a length of thread on the tag, and keep the tags handy so that you can double check if you forget the colour?

Lovely gift, BTW :)

Barbara said...

Hmm. That's a good question. I hope you find an answer to it ... then I can copy it if I ever get such a lovely thread keeper! LOL.

Have you had a look at Kathy's new CHS designs? If you like the tombstone angels, you've got to go look!

Patti said...

Karen, that's a good idea and one I will try! Thanks for the suggestion.

Patti said...

Barbara, I'm trying not to think about the new releases! LOL I did look but am convincing myself that nothing said YOU MUST BUY ME!