February 22, 2006

No pictures today

Last night I went to South Portland to buy a gift certificate for someone who is leaving work on Friday. I got it at Borders and managed to come out with two new knitting magazines and a sock book I had seen a while back plus the new issue of Vogue and a hairstyles book. I looked a the stitching magazines but nothing impressed me enough to buy one. Lately I just haven't been seeing any designs worth purchasing the magazine for. I did notice that Stitcher's World has changed it's name - what's up with that? The content was about the same. They just seemed very blah, blah, blah to my taste. Could it be I'm jaded? Or I've been seduced by all the new market releases and everything else looks boring?

Work continues on my second sock but I doubt I'll get much more done tonight as I'm tired. It was book group tonight - we read The Edge of Sadness by Edwin O'Connor which I and two others loved and three didn't like and one didn't finish. It was a good discussion as always. The next book up is The Reivers by William Faulkner. It sounds good on Amazon so I hope that is true. Hope you had a good day!


Christine said...

Hi !
Maybe your tastes have changed. you don't like anymore the designs of magazines. I don't buy magazine a lot. Perhaps you will find designs on web shops more like you like.

Erin said...

I'm a magazine snob myself....I have to find at least 2 possible projects in one before I'll even consider buying it. I DID acquire a new one recently, though -- the Bristish "Cross Stitcher" issue that had the plastic magazine cover/project organizer as a gift. The baby sampler and the Native American designs are both "maybes"!

AnneS said...

I think you're right, that we 'evolve' as stitchers - I haven't bought magazines for years purely for the fact there aren't that many projects in there that say "stitch me now" ... and were, for want of a better word, too simplistic for me - as I'd started going through a phase of Mirabilias and TW's ... now I'm starting to go back to look at magazines again more with an eye for stitching for others, not myself (ie charity stitching etc) - still won't be buying many though ;) I think our stitching tastes change a lot.