February 27, 2006

Wicked cold end to February

Today when I left for work, it was 1 degree. That's -17 Celsius. It feels even colder since there was a mean wind blowing all day. I left my hat sitting on the kitchen table this morning and should have gone back to get it. I got my hair cut quite short over the weekend so my ears were pretty cold without it. When oh when will it ever be spring? We're going to keep having this cold weather right into March unfortunately. I can't believe it will be March 1st on Wednesday!

I have completed fillingin the bittersweet on the bottom of D is for Deer while listening to an audio book tonight. I just have to stitch the word deer and finish up part of the border and it will be done. I have to go to an LNS on Saturday so I hope to pick up the next few charts in the series - F, G, H and I. If the shop doesn't have them, I guess I will go ahead and order them.

I saw on the Elegant Stitch website today that the new Essy's Friends kit should be shipping out tomorrow. The next design was created by Brightneedle which has always been one of my favorite design teams. I really need to get going on all of the ones I still haven't completed in the series. Maybe I will work on those this weekend. I also hope to put some time into the Storey Keepe as I didn't get any stitching in on that this weekend.


Heather said...

WOW you are doing well.
How do you rate the audio books?

Joanie said...

Stay warm!

It's bitter cold in upstate NY too. This morning it was 3 degrees at my house.

Your progress on the CHS alphabets is great! Post a picture when you can.

KarenV said...

It's bitter cold here too and snowing - ugh!

Stay warm and get loads of stitching done. Your alphabet is looking lovely :)

Barbara said...

Brr, Patti! Keep warm!!!