April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!

Although looking out the window and being outside today, I'm not convinced it's April. After waking up to 10 inches of snow on Thursday morning, the ground is still pretty covered with snow and it's cold. It was probably in the low to mid thirties today but the wind gave it a wind chill in the 20s. Lovely weather for wearing Easter finery - not!

I stayed in Maine as I was just down at my sister's last weekend. I am glad I didn't make the trip as it was a very productive weekend from a finishing and exchange point. I can't show you pictures yet but I completed the finishing on my April birthday exchange gift and my color exchange piece. I tried to take my time with the finishing - lots of hand sewing and gluing. Despite that I did make a rather large and silly error which I will point out when I know the projects have been received. They are all wrapped and packaged up and ready to go to the post office tomorrow. I'm happy dancing because those are the last exchange gifts I need to think about until November which means stitching time for me! Hopefully that will translate into some finished UFOs and some new starts too!

I also managed to complete one round of cabling on my STR Inside Out sock but didn't get photos in the daylight so I will try to do that tomorrow to show you my progress.

Hope you and yours had a wonderful Easter holiday!

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Michelle said...

Congrats on getting those exchange pieces done. I love doing exchanges, but always breath a sigh of relief when they go out the door.