April 24, 2007

Weekend Work

With some really nice spring weather this weekend, I turned off the heat and opened up all my windows and started some major spring cleaning. I was so motivated on Saturday that I finally sat down and cut out and sewed some panels to hide the storage underneath my butcherblock countertop. This "island" is on wheels and sits next to my stove.

As my house is 87 years old this year, the kitchen is a bit of an awkward space. The previous owners made this rolling island to add much needed counter space.

I used the same fabric that I bought at Walmart last summer that I made kitchen curtains out of. I still have a lot left and I'm planning to sew matching seat covers for the two chairs that I use to eat in the kitchen. This hides the clutter of my "liquor cabinet" and dog stuff that I store under the counter top. I'm pretty pleased with the end result of a weekend's work.

As you can see from this photo taken when I first looked at my house, Casa Pearl has come a long way!


Chelle said...

Nifty idea! The toile looks fantastic.

Barbara said...

Spring cleaning?! Eek!!

Seriously, though, it looks great!

Michelle said...

Great idea - it looks wonderful!

lobstah said...

Nice job--I love the fabric!