May 18, 2008

An FO and a start and some knitting goodies

Well, I finally completed sock one of my Butterflies socks and immediately cast on for the second one - no second sock syndrome here as I need this pair to be finished before June 21st which is the start of the summer of socks adventure. The completed sock fits perfectly so I'm really happy about that. I will have to figure out a way to photograph them to show the butterflies.

I also received a Knit Picks order last week. My butterfly socks are being knit on Knit Picks 6" nickel-plated DPNs and I'm really enjoying working with them. I was concerned with them being longer than my usual 5" needles but I find that I loose less stitches. I never thought I'd find anything I liked better than my beloved Brittanies but these just might be the needles. In fact, I like them so much I ordered a "variety pack" to have more sizes on hand. I also succumbed to two more knitting books - 2 Socks at-a-Time by Melissa Morgan-Oakes and Knitting in Plain English by Maggie Righetti which was recently reissued.
I've read through the 2 at a time socks instructions and this morning I ordered some 40" nickel-plated needles from Knit Picks to try the technique. I still love working with DPNS but must admit knitting two together would improve my odds of completing at least one pair for the Summer of Socks challenge!


Barbara said...

A variety pack of knitting needles. Hmmm. Maybe I better NOT learn how to knit - I'm afraid my better half will go through the roof if I start collecting stash for another hobby. LOL!

staci said...

Love your new socks! I really like the knitpicks dpn's, they're nice and slick but they are a little heavy so I only use them in the small sizes.

Rachel said...

Beautiful sock Patti! It's a lovely pattern.