January 4, 2010

New Year Stitching

This past weekend was a 3 day one for me as we had Friday off for the holiday. I spent the largest part of my long weekend stitching. I put a start into C@HRH, worked a bit on my CHS Gilded Cage piece and yesterday was UFO Sunday so I pulled out my HAED Storey Keep which had not seen the light of day in quite a very long time. I also pulled fabric for BOAF's Kindness Sampler which I have had in my stash forever. I'm going to try and stitch along with Cheryl (no blog) but I have a feeling she will be done way before me!

First up is the Gilded Cage. I finished the inside and started on the outer border. It's coming along! I'm really sorry about the photo. It was very gray and snowy all weekend and I need to learn how to work my camera to take a decent photo. I'm very hit or miss in that department and it seems the more I fidget with it, the worse the pictures are!

Here is my HAED piece. The last time I could find a photo is from January of 2008 which likely means I did not work on it at all last year. No wonder I am so far from finishing. I put in 450 stitches yesterday and the photo shows how little that is on an HAED over one project! But it felt great to get back to work on this and I think I will try to make it a regular Sunday project.

I did not take a photo of my C@HRH but I completed to top border and first line of the first block at the top left. I will upload a photo later this week as I hope to make some more project on it.


Rachel said...

Your Gilded Cage is looking great - I love that bird. And even a little progress is still progress!!

Brigitte said...

Both your projects are looking great. It's always a great feeling when you pull out a long neglected UFO and stitch on it again. I'm doing this with a Moira Blackburn sampler and I enjoy it immensely.

Debs said...

Wow, Patti, I can't even imagine doing a piece that huge over one thread. I have problems doing a fob sized piece over one. LOL. The Gilded Cage is looking super--its one of those projects that I had NO interest in looking at the chart--but seeing your piece, sudden interest. Good job there!

Anne S said...

I especially adore the Gilded Cage piece - it's really lovely :D And your HAED is coming along really well - love the colour, but then again I'm a "blue" girl so I am a little bit biased :P