February 1, 2010

January Progress and February Goals

Thanks everyone for your very kind comments on my finish. I'm really happy that I was able to get it done. Going forward it will be harder to stick with my goals as I'm back in school and really need to focus on my final paper which will be delivered in October.

I don't think I posted an official goals list of January but here is the one that was in my head along with my progress:

1. Finish Block 1 of CAHRH - Done!
2. Finish CHS The Gilded Cage - about 2/3 done
3. Stitch an ornament - NOT
4. Finish an item of the Acorn Sewing kit by With My Needle - NOT

Here are my goals for February:

1. Finish Block 2 of CAHRH
2. Finish CHS The Gilded Cage
3. Stitch an ornament
4. Finish an item of the Acorn Sewing kit by With My Needle

I hope you all had a successful stitching month in January. February is a short one so it's going to fly by quickly so get those fingers flying!


riona said...

I love all the pieces you are working on but will admit that my favorite is Gilded Cage ... not something I would have picked out for myself but now that I've seen it, I do believe it is going on the old wish list.

Casa Pearl said...

Riona, if you would like the chart when I am done, please let me know!

riona said...

Thank you so much: I would love it. Please e-mail me at reg mar acc at optonline dot net and we can work out all the details.

Joanie said...

Lovely, lovely work!

I know about falling off the wagon. Did you hear the big THUD! when I hit the ground hard?!!!