February 9, 2010

Weekend Update

I don't have a whole lot of stitching progress to show you because I got a little obsessed with this:

I took a magic loop class in Portland on Saturday and the instructor had made a pair of mittens using this wonderful purple mohair yarn. Well, after learning the basics of magic loop knitting, I just had to try my hand at knitting a pair of mittens. This is the first one, completed at 11:00pm on Sunday evening! I am really proud of myself because I've never done one before. With a little help from the ubiquitous YouTube on how to knit the thumb, I carefully picked up stitches and pulled out my anchoring yarn and away I went to finish the thumb. I love, love, love it!!! I'm hoping to cast on for the second one tonight in the hopes of having a pair by this weekend.

But I do have some stitching updates to share. Yesterday was UFO Sunday so out came my HAED Story Keep. I put in 200 stitches and have only 100 more to finish the first page. I've kept this out in the hopes I will get the page done and move on to the 2nd page.

And here is my progress on Block 2 of C@HRH. I worked on this a bit this morning so the Quaker motif is now filled in at the top and I've moved on to a chimney to the right of the one in the photo.

And I got a few more stitches into my CHS Gilded Cage. I should probably focus solely on this right now to get it done but I'm not sure I can. I do have Monday off for President's day but I plan to work on my thesis so we shall see. Sorry for the wonky sideways photo but blogger won't load it in right. Consider it a neck stretch for those of you who have been sitting in front of your PCs too long in one place!

Thank you to all who have visited me lately. I see some new names and faces and I appreciate your taking the time to comment. I look forward to visiting your blogs if I have not already! I hope you're having a fantastic week and getting lots of stitching in.


mainely stitching said...

Woohoo, Patti!

At first I thought, "She's knitting Elmo" but then I scrolled down. LOL. Seriously, that's a great mitten. I love mittens. :D

And your CHS projects never fail to delight me. :D

KarenV said...

Congratulations on the mitten, it turned out great!

Rachel said...

Great mitten Patti! And great progress on your other pieces too. :)

Lucy said...

I'm so jealous of the C@HRH...I hope to stitch that someday!