September 5, 2010

UFO Sunday

Today is UFO Sunday with an email stitching group I belong to. I pulled out Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow before I came down to NH to see if I could regain my interest in stitching on the piece. So that's the piece I'm using for UFO Sunday today. Here is where I was the last time I worked on it.

And here is where I am as of today - not bad for a few days. There's still a lot of fill left for the pond area and the snow under the sleigh but I think I will be able to continue working on this and get it done - at least by the end of the month.


Hillery said...

Looking great!!! I don't if I could start such a daunting piece.

Cole said...

Great progress!! I cannot wait to start this piece, just need to cross some things off the WIP list first :)

Brigitte said...

That's one of my favourite blocks. Very nice progress.