December 20, 2011


Michael's was having a really great deal on framing a few weeks back - 60% +10% for a total of 70% off.  I decided it was high time to get my With Thy Needle and Thread mystery sampler framed.  This cost me less than $90 by the time all the discount was applied! 

It's not the greatest photo because the lighting in my house is so bad but I'm really thrilled with the finished piece.  I used archival glass so there is no glare when you look at it straight on.  I'm always a little leery of taking a piece to Michael's or Joann's because you never know who's doing the framing but the new Michael's about 20 minutes from my house seems to have a pretty good framer who knows what she's doing - thank goodness!


mainely stitching said...

Ooooh! That looks so great, Patti! I remember seeing this piece IRL and being so wowed by the colors. I bet it looks fabulous. I love archival framing - have it on a couple of pieces - and am hoping to use it in future framing projects.

Maggie said...

Wow, i love you finished piece, the frame suits it perfectly!

Thank you for visiting my blog, i'm so glad you did because it lead me to visit your blog :-)

Nancy*Glory Bee said...

Looks beautiful Patti. Merry Christmas.......Nancy

Chris said...

this is gorgeous!! love it.