December 18, 2011

Has anyone seen my Christmas Mojo?

As usual, my holiday planning and prep got off to a strong start but has since dwindled to barely discernible motion.  Despite a plan and great motivation, I got knocked off track and am still trying to find my way back.  I don' think it's going to happen. 

I did actually get decorations on my tree including my wonderful Day 19 gift from my 25 Days of Christmas partner.  Yesterday was a wonderful mini box of See's chocolates which didn't last long enough to be photographed and today was a really cute "scrunchy" ornament in red and white which goes perfectly with my tree decoration this year.

We finally had a sunny day today so I took a photo of the fabric and thread combos I've gotten on previous days.   These are going to be great for finishing.

I hope you are way ahead of me with your Christmas planning, shopping and preparations.  If not, you only have 6 days left to get going!!

1 comment:

Chris said...

everyone i talk to ha no christmas mojo. i'm ready for it to be over