April 13, 2012

Are you superstitious?

My niece just informed me that there will be four Friday the 13ths this year with today being the first one. Are you one to worry about those kinds of things?  I'm not for the most part but I do know others that take them very seriously.  I hope whatever you are doing today it will be a blessed day with no bad things happening!

Thanks for the kind comments on my WIP progress.  I've been more into stitching the last few weeks or so and today I thought I'd share my progress with the Anniversaries of the Heart that Britt and I are SALing on.  She has been far more productive than I have been but I do hope to catch up a bit more by getting this first one done soon.  I have a long weekend away so I plan to devote as much time as possible to this project. 

It's Orthodox Easter this weekend so I am with family getting ready to celebrate with some delicious marinated lamb kabobs, spanikopita, moussaka and baklava - all hand made from my BIL's family recipes.  Καλό Πάσχα!!

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barbara said...

I am one to get all freaked out by it, so Max took especial delight in informing me that not only was it Friday the 13th but I also had a test today. Ha ha. But this Friday the 13th has been marked mostly by very good news and I'm going to bed tonight with a smile. Enjoy your orthodox easter celebrations - find some time for stitching! :) How about a GTG now that tax season is FINALLY over?