November 4, 2014

Needle has met thread and fabric!

Well, I finally picked up my needle and did some actual stitching on Sunday.  I was very productive on Sunday and that extra hour meant I had no excuse for not doing some work on what I hope will be a Christmas present - this year.

Here is where I started.  This was supposed to be a graduation gift but I'm moving a little slow - as usual. 

And here's where I left off on Sunday evening.  Not bad progress.  I'm using DMC and stitching over one on some 30 ct. I had in my stash.  I don' t love the colors but I was in a hurry to get going and just used what was called for rather than dig through my stash to find something I liked better.  Now as I look at it, I wish I hadn't been so lazy.  However, I'm not frogging over one so it's either going to be finished as is or I'll scrap it and start over. 

I also took a picture of my PS All Hallow's Eve which obviously didn't get completed in time for Halloween this year as I had planned.  But there's always next year!

I should stitch on it some more this evening but my fingers are itching to start a new knitting project.  If I manage to decide which one to start, I might have something to show later this week.


Laura said...

You're so far into it, I wouldn't just throw it out. You might like it when you get it finished!

Barb said...

Your WIPS look fine to me. I once frogged over one stitching, it was horrid! You are smart for saying no to that idea.

P.J. said...

Your start looks good! And PS is an all time favorite designer; this one is on my list...looks nice and spooky. Great progress.

We hope to land at Camp Wool between 10 & 11 on Friday. Send me an email if you can join us. :) I know we are planning on checking out a couple of other shops along the way.

Brigitte said...

That's a good start on your new project. And it is looking really nice. I think I wouldn't frog it either with all these over one stitches.
Great progress on your PS piece.