November 12, 2014

Special Olympics Scarf Project 2015

A small article (it was likely the picture of Red Heart yarn that did it) in one of the local papers that come free in my mailbox every week caught my eye and had me reading about a project for the upcoming winter Special Olympics that will take place in January.

The goal is to receive 500 scarves for the participants to wear during the games.  There are specific colors to be used and today, my box arrived from Joanne Fabrics.  I'm by no means a fast knitter but I do hope I can get at least one each done and mailed out in time.

This link will take you to the flyer that lists the specific colors they are asking for.  I'm sure it would be even more special if they received scarves from outside Maine.  Hint, hint, hint!


Marissa FH said...

Hello - found your blog post about the SO Scarf Project.
I coordinate the information on all participating states on the project.
Just to clarify with you that you will need to use all three colours in your scarf. Not sure if that was mentioned on the flyer.
You're welcome to come over to our group (Knit and Crochet for a Cause on Facebook; Special Olympics State Scarf Project on Ravelry) and join with other crafters making scarves for the project.
Thanks, Marissa

Casa Pearl said...

Thanks for the update Melissa as I have not yet started!