June 22, 2007

HoHoHo, I have a toe!


has become this!

I had the day off from work today so I started it off with a cup of coffee and the completion of the toe for my first Solstice Slip sock. I am so in love with this color way - I know I rave on and on about Blue Moon but they are just genius!

I had a lovely day - the weather was awesome, I had lunch with a friend, went to the library, took a nap, watched two good movies while making some progress on my summer tank, and I plan to put in a third movie and wind some more of the yarn for my Summertime Tunic. I hope your Friday was as fabulous as mine!


lobstah said...

I love the colors of that yarn too--just awesome! Can't wait to see the finished sock.

Barbara said...

Your day sounds like it couldn't have been any more perfect. :)

Your sock is great. What fabulous fun colors!

mjm knitting said...

looking good!

Rachel said...

What a great colorway! I'm looking forward to watching your progress on these!