June 3, 2007

Sort of Satisfying Sunday

It was quite cool here today - in the mid 50s with a rainy mist and very damp, chilly wind. I decided to go to Portland today as I didn't have the size 3 needles I will need to move to the next part of my Summertime Tunic and I was needing a sushi fix. I had never been to Central Yarn so that's where I went for the needles. Unfortunately, they didn't have any Addi Turbos which is what I'm currently using (my very favorite needles) so I had to buy bamboo. The shop had a great selection of buttons that I will definitely visit again if I ever get a cardigan knit.

It was Old Port Festival and that means lots of families and visitors crowding the streets of the Old Port where the sushi restaurant was. I had a deliteful lunch and then headed to the bead store to look for beads for my tunic. It turns out they had relocated (which I finally discovered, after quite the long walk, was just a block and a half from Central Yarn). I decided since I was in the area, I would track down where Seaport Yarn was located. It was a lot farther (I was walking all this time) than I thought and they are closed on Sundays but now at least I know where to find them!

Here is my progress on my summer tunic. I have about 2.5 inches knit so just two more before I start the ribbing at the waist which is why I need the #3 needles. I'm planning to go to the Maine Fiber Frolic next weekend and if I find the Addi Turbos, I'm going to get those to use instead of the bamboo.

It was also a UFO Sunday with my Friends in Stitches group so I picked up my PS Autumn Winds piece and worked a bit on that this morning. I think the designer is just a genious with color - and the designs use DMC. I think this is going to be really cute when it's done.
I'm off to give my Lotus Tank some attention as it's been neglected this weekend for the summertime tunic. Thanks for stopping by!


Barbara said...

Oh my gosh, Patti, I miss the Old Port Festival! Sara and I used to go down together... What happy memories!

Your knitting and stitching progress pics are great. I agree that Prairie Schooler designs are just genius with color - it looks all sort of subdued-like till you get it going and then it suddenly all clicks and it's impossible to imagine it being done any other way.

The Queen's Stitch said...

Hey - I was there on Friday. Glad I missed the crowds. I went to Central Yarn for the first time as well and was kind of disappointed. Call me soon and we can go to Seaport together!

Purl Diva in Brunswick carries Addi Turbos if you need them.


Michelle said...

Your Autumn Winds is so cute!