June 27, 2007

Into the pool

We are having a few days of very warm weather - in the 90s - and I was seriously considering jumping into Cowboy's pool after our walk last night. But he flip flops around so much, I'm not sure there would be room. Plus I'd come out covered in dog hair - not thanks in this weather!

As for other kins of pooling, I was checking out blogs of the many knitters participating in SOS 07 and came across Angeluna who is working on the same pattern as I am. She was commenting on how her yarn was pooling and I had just been contemplating that very same thing! Usually with STR yarn, the pooling is different than what I am experiencing with this pattern. It is pooling up vertically rather than out horizontally. I'm sure it's a result of the gauge and pattern - I'm doing stockinette on my sole and Angeluna is doing the pattern all around - but I did find it interesting. I am making slow progress but I do like the results. I think I may have to keep this pair!


Angeluna said...

That is indeed some impressive vertical pooling!! I have 7" done on that one leg and I finally got the colors to spiral> I can live with it. Stewing now on what flap heel to make, slip stitch or eye of partridge.


Barbara said...

Pooling yarn is a bit beyond me, but I do love those socks!!

mjm knitting said...

i don't mind the pooling effect.
good job so far


Michelle said...

I really like the pooling - it's kind of cool!