July 8, 2007

Here is my Stitcher's Wallet Progress after Friday's SAL. I managed to get the K back in and the bird. I'm still not sure I like how the K looks even thought it lines up with the P which was my intent. However, I'm not ripping it out so I'll just have to get over it. I had hoped to start the band below but it got pushed aside for some sock knitting.

I have completed just over 3 inches of the 5 inches needed for the leg. I had really hoped to have this completed by this evening however I got bored and switched to working on my quilt. I am going to sit and work on this a bit more this evening so maybe I'll be able to get it done!


Barbara said...

Your sock is so cool. :D And I like the K on your stitcher's wallet - what's wrong with it?

Carol said...

Cute sock! Your Stitcher's Wallet is moving along - it won't be too long before it's finished!

Liz said...

Love the sock, is that STR Firebird?