August 22, 2007

From UFO to FO

Well, I was able to finish off my PS Autumn 4 square last night and mark this off my 25 projects list. I love how it turned out - the designer is so wonderful at picking plain old DMC and creating brilliantly colored pieces that have so much character. I think I'm going to wrap this around padded foam core board and then attach a ribbon and a felt or wool backing with a pinked edge and use it as a little hanging decoration. But it would probably look quite cute framed as well but it's so small I'm not sure even custom framing could be done. Any opinions?

This morning I started another piece of my 25 projects list that will be an exchange piece. It's a french designed chart that uses Atalier threads. I've never used them before and I must say I really like them so far - very soft and smooth. They are hand dyed and remind me a lot of GAST threads but somehow smoother. I may show you a little bit tomorrow since it's just been started and a photo shouldn't give too much away.


Isabelle said...

Congratulations! It looks so pretty. You are right, the colours are so beautiful, they look like silks or hand-died fibers. You're well on time for Fall, too :)

Can't wait to see your French project - I do like Atalie threads as well :)

ollie1976 said...


dragonxser said...

beautiful work Patti! Love the colors :)

Melissa said...

Beautiful! Congratulations on the finish! I love PS designs. I have this in the stash. Seeing your completed project has me itching to pull mine out and get to work!

Michelle said...

Beautiful! Congrats on the finish. I love the idea of backing with felt and making an ornament - cute!

BeckySC said...

OOOH, I just love it, Patti!
I have it in my stash and now I want to stich it :) Great job!!