August 21, 2007

Stitcher's Wallet Progress

Well, there's not as much done as I had hoped after Friday night - I had quite a bit more - in fact most of the top band - in but discovered that I'd put one stitch in one hole off at the right had edge so it all had to be ripped out and redone and this is how far I got before I called it quits. On Saturday I went and picked up a spool of DMC #8 in black to do the lettering. I still haven't found the Ginnie Thompson thread I know I bought and was going to order another but the website wouldn't recognize my zip code so I gave up and just went and got the DMC. If I don't like how the first row turns out, I'll rip it out and order the GT but I think it will be fine.

As our weather has turned quite cool and fallish this week it was 37 degrees on Monday morning when I walked the dog!), I've been stitching and making a fair bit of progress on my PS Autumn over one piece. I may even finish it tonight!


Barbara said...

My mom had to turn on the furnace yesterday morning, it was so chilly!

Your SW progress is lovely. Sorry you had to do some 'backwards' stitching, but this is such a beautiful project and well worth the pains! ;)

Vonna said...

Wish it was that cool here!
Your wallet is looking great and that PS 4 patch is really cute...I have that on my "to do" list as well!

lobstah said...

The autumn piece is so cute!