August 27, 2007

Pin Exchange

I found out this evening that my pin exchange piece has been received in Canada so it's safe to share some photos. I used one of the designs from the July issue of The Gift of Stitching.
I used the finishing technique they showed involving rolling 1" strips of felt up until you have the right size for the design and then you lace your two pieces to the front and back. I was pretty pleased with how the piece turned out and I hope the recipient is too. I forgot to take a picture of the sides but I found a piece of quilting fabric in my stash that worked with both colors and attached it using Mill Hill seed beads and a running stitch. I would definitely like to make another one of these for myself as it was not as hard as I thought it would be.

This is a photo of my Stitcher's Wallet progress. I stitched on it a bit yesterday instead of Friday night. I finished the top band and tested out the DMC#8 to see if I would like it for the lettering. I did not and promptly pulled out what I had put in. The #8 is too thick for my taste and will never work on the little letters that you have to stitch over one in various places on this panel. I will pick up the Ginnie Thompson Flower Thread I need when I visit Joanie in a few weeks.

And speaking of Joanie, this photo is for her - my clean blinds in the living room Joanie! Just three more rooms to go. LOL Can't wait to see the photo of your clean bedroom.

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Nancy*Glory Bee said...

The pin exchange piece is gorgous! I love the fabric you used. Were the finishing instructions in the magazine too? I am so glad I subscribed to Gift of Stitching!