August 10, 2007

More lovely presents received recently

I've received two more lovely packages from my birthday exchange partners Kathy and Leigh. I will start with Leigh as her package arrived a bit before Kathy's.

Leigh is a very talented beader as well as a great stitcher and I was lucky enough to get example of both of her crafts together! She sent me this wonderful red pin mattress with a heart design, a gorgeous red crystal bracelet that I immediately put on and a great book mark with wonderful heart charms on either end. She also generously included two charts that were on my wish list - LK Halloween Thrillology and PS Friends. Plus there was a gorgeous piece of R&R Fabric in 18th Century Red.

Kathy's package showcased two of her talents as well (two of the many with these ladies!); sewing and stitching and her incredible finishing skills (okay that could be considered three). Kathy made me a fantastic knitting bag she made herself based on all the things a fellow knitter would need. It has a ton of wonderful pockets for gadgets, your pattern and needles and lots of room as it is nice and deep. And she stitched the perfect little pillow for me - a figure of a lady knitting socks! Isn't that so clever and perfect for me? I think so! She also included two great balls of yarn I can't wait to try for socks, some Eterna silks and Needle Necessities fibers, three packages of beads and a great felted bag pattern.

I feel very privileged and spoiled to have received so many wonderful gifts to celebrate my birthday. Thank you all for helping me to start off this new year in my life's adventure.

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