August 23, 2007

New Start

Thank you everyone for your kind comments on my PS finish. I do think I will end up finishing it as a felt backed ornament which I think will be easier to display around my home. I plan to start the large piece from this chart quite soon as it's one of my favorites.

I promised I would share a photo of my newest start which is an exchange piece so it's probably the only time I can show it until it is completed and sent to the recipient. The mail date on this is October 1st but I think I will be having the piece framed so I need to get cracking to allow time for the framer. I've shown it with the Atalie threads that are to be used but there are also four DMC colors as well. I am hoping I will have enough of the Atalie threads left over to stitch this for myself at some point because it's a really cute design.


Barbara said...

Lovely. Must look into these threades, too! ;)

Barbara said...

Threads, I mean. Confused fingers this morning!!

Erin said...

What beautiful colors! I can hardly wait to see the finished product.

Nancy*Glory Bee said...

I love those colors too and can't wait to see the finished project!
Great job on the PS piece below.