August 31, 2008

August 30 Alexandre SAL Progress

Yesterday was my SAL day on this project and I'm pleased with my progress. I recently bought some stronger cheaters and it's making it a lot easier to work on this project even when the lighting is not that great.

I also finally broke down and went to Lenscrafters and bought new glasses with progressive lenses. I got tired of having to take off my glasses at night to stitch and not being able to see the TV. I found two frames I liked and unfortunately had to settle for my 2nd choice because of sizing issues. The first pair wouldn't have been large enough for them to get good middle distance on the lenses. Sheesh those things are expensive! Thank goodness for some insurance coverage and my flexible spending account. Because of the progressive part, I was not able to leave with my glasses but I hope they will be in before the end of next week.

Today I've been working on my Nora Corbet Halloween Fairy. It feels funny to work on this project which is over two - it's huge! LOL Stay tuned for a photo later today or tomorrow.


Barbara said...

I hope your new glasses are wonderful, Patti!

Sue said...

Hi Patty...I just got new glasses too...but only because I wanted to update my readers. I thought about progressives but readers can be so much fun, and it was lens size issue and expense, so I took the fun route. Now I have two new pairs on order. We have the coolest ladies boutique of reading glasses (and purses and other stuff) in town here and this lady carries the coolest and fun frames. I had to get two pair(ditto on the insurance and flex spending).
I chuckled over your "over two" comment. It's funny how our brains adapt isn't it?

Brigitte said...

My time for progressive lenses was last year - and I have never looked back. It's wonderful to be able to see the stitching AND the TV with just one pair of glasses.

Congratulations on your progress on SALexandre.