August 1, 2008

Birthday Goodness

Carol and I share the exact same birthday - how cool is that? Both born the same day and both loving all things stitching related - and we even lived in the same state at one point. Hmmmm..... talk about planets aligning! It looks like Carol had as fabulous a day as I had. I couldn't post last night because we were having a tremendous lightning and thunderstorm so the PC was off and I didn't get home from a birthday celebration dinner until 10pm.

As you can see, I was thoroughly spoiled by some wonderful friends! This group of packages turned into fabulous stitched items that I'm am so thrilled by I can't stand it! Thank you dear friends for your kindness.

I opened the packages in the order they arrived and Carol's was first. Carol stitched me one of the fabulous floss tags I've been seeing around blogland lately and it is so neat! It's one of my favorite Brightneedle patterns. She included two skeins of DMC variegated thread which I've been using quite a bit lately. Thank you Carol! I love my little tag. I'm going to have to figure out how to make one of these soon.

Next up was a great package from Dane in Germany. Dane stitched me a German design that I absolutely love - the colors are so perfect for my house! And I love how it's finished - I'm going to have to copy this technique. I love the little beaded edging. Dane included a wonderful skein of Tentakulum threads - my first ever! And she sent a great German chart by Stiken & Staunen called Sea which I'm going to love stitching.

And last but by no means least was a wonderful box from my friend Jodi in Wisconsin. Jodi had already given be a couple of birthday goodies when I saw her in February but she managed to spoil me again with a fabulous stitched design finished into a piece perfect for one of the fabulous stands her dad makes at Bloom Woodworks. Isn't it neat? I love how these stands work. At first I couldn't figure out what the wooden stick piece as for until the base was unwrapped and I put two and two together. I thought it was a strange new tool for knitting because Jodi also sent along two glorious skeins of yarn. LOL Jodi also included two gorgeous necklaces - one in the shape of a heart with my birthstone in it and a gorgeous 1928 piece with garnet colored stones.

Thank you all for making this a lovely birthday!


Anna van Schurman said...

Happy Birthday!

Brigitte said...

Happy Birthday, Patti! Isn't it the greatest being showered by stitching friends? Enjoy all your gifts and goodies!


Katrina said...

Happy belated birthday! All your gifts are wonderful.

Lennu said...

Happy belated birthday! You've received wonderful gifts, enjoy :)

Rachel said...

Wonderful birthday gifts Patti! Isn't it nice to have such talented friends? :)