December 11, 2010

Advent Day 10 and 11 and some stitching!

My wonderful advent exchange continues with Day 10 and 11.  I opened the wonderful blue scissors yesterday and today was a gorgeous fob that matches the needlebook Dane made me earlier.  Dane's stitching is just lovely and the stork scissors perfectly match the bird theme of the fob and the needlebook.  Thank you Dane!

Today for the first time in at least two weeks I picked up a needle and stitched on the current block of my C@HRH piece.  What grand plans I had when I started this back in January - to be finished in time for Christmas this year!  LOL  So much for plans - once I do, something comes along to throw a monkey wrench into into them.  Maybe 2011 will be the year of no plans or goals whatsoever?  I might end up being more productive.  As tempting as the 15 project fever that's going around the cyber stitching world is, I'm going to sit on the sidelines and observe!


Brigitte said...

Your C@HRH looks great. Well, we always have certain stitching plans but only few of us are able to follow through. Either life gets in the way or you lose your stitching mojo or you join too many exchanges Once happened to me, lol) or whatever. I always love making plans and lists but then everything comes differently, lol. And that's OK with me.

Nancy*Glory Bee said...

One reason I never make a list is because I know I won't follow through. The CHRH looks good, there's always next year! Love the fob and scissors too....Nancy