December 5, 2010

Advent Day 4 and 5

Yesterday Barbara and I had a nice get together in Belfast.  When I got home, I unpacked my bag and there was my camera - which of course never made it out of the bag when we were together.  But that's okay because Barbara was stitching on an exchange piece so it still needs to be kept secret. Maybe one or the other of us will remember to get a picture when we get together in January.

Rather than work on stitching, I spent the time knitting on a Christmas gift and got a fair amount done.  I will continue to work on this with the goal of finishing it up by Saturday to start the next planned Christmas gift.  

And here is a photo of my Day 4 and Day 5 Advent gifts.  Day 4 was a great little container of beads that I think I will incorporate into a knitted bracelet project I have been wanting to try and today was some yummy treats which I'm going to try and save until this afternoon with a cup of tea.  Hope you are enjoying your Sunday!  I've got the Christmas CDs going and am putting out my decorations to get into the mood for the holidays. 

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