May 17, 2011

I couldn't wait!

It seems there are a lot of us enabling each other with projects lately.  Thanks to everyone who commented on the last post.  I am really loving all of the projects being stitched out there and it's so hard to stop stashing.  I didn't show you a photo of the other chart I bought - Scarlett Letter's Elizabeth Sheffield was delivered recently.  I am waiting to get silk threads from Carrie's Threads and some AVAS from ABC Stitch Therapy before deciding on a fabric for another BAP!

Last night I dug through my 30ct WDW stash and found two possible pieces for the Brenda Gervais Mystery Sampler.  I had a 30ct piece of Confederate Grey which is the top piece and another that I lost the label which might be platinum or beige.  After some serious contemplation, I decided to go with the Confederate Grey.  The chart called for 35ct but I think I will be just as happy with 30ct - especially since I already had it and could start much sooner than if I had to order fabric.

So as it was another rainy, rainy day, I rushed home from work and put needle to thread and got a start in on the frame.  Please forgive the horrible photos but it's really hard to get a decent picture without sunlight/daylight.  Here's where I ended up:

I also took a close up to show the flower.  It is much prettier that shown and I'm really happy with the fabric choice.

The piece uses all WDW threads.  I can't wait to continue working on this piece and seeing everyone else's projects.  I sent an email to join the SAL being hosted here.  It is so wonderful not to have to worry about having homework to do instead of stitching.  My house is a bit less than pristine but right now I don't care!  I'm going with the stitching mojo.


Deb said...

You're off to a great start. I started mine on Monday night and have a little bit more done - one of the larger flowers. I love the colors in this thing so much. I wish I'd started Ann Sandles now, but that one will be waiting in the wings when I finish up this part.

Katrina said...

Oh fun!!!! I love the confederate gray, I am using 40 count for mine :-). I am excited about this project, can't wait to watch yours progress!

Gabi said...

Fantastic start. Confederate grey for me too. Ordered all supplies from Anita, and I think it's 35ct.
I'm so loving the colors on yours. Just gorgeous.

Karen said...

I love those colours! Great start!

Dani - tkdchick said...

What a wonderful new start, we've had a lot of dreary rainy days here too and I'm longing for summer!

Michelle said...

I started this one over the weekend and am just loving it so far. The colors are fantastic. And now you've got me jonesing for Ann Sandles too.