February 23, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy - Week 8

Although it was a short work week, it was a very stressful one and I did not have much energy for crafting or computing when I got home at night.  Because of lots of work stress, I didn't focus much on the happy things in my week until today.  It wasn't that hard to identify some things I am happy for and for which I'm grateful!

I was able to finish the ending on my lap-ghan project.  I just followed the pattern directions and did a simple single crochet.  I'm glad to have finished this and it's been keeping my legs warm while I've been a coach potato and that has made me very happy.

I also finished the fourth in this series and while that could make me a bit sad, I'm happy to know that the next in the series is coming out this year.  I have enjoyed reading this series as the one liners and the main character are really funny.

I watched an entertaining movie this week that made me happy.  I love this whole Redbox thing and how easy it is to fill up a few hours with a comedy that can make me smile.  I watched Fun Size which was not really what I expected.  I think it's geared more to a younger age bracket but I did find it funny and it only cost me $1.26 so it was worth it.
And my final happy for the week is all of the signs of spring that are starting to show up.  These magazines arrived in my mailbox this week and the covers were reassurance that despite the forecast of 5-9 more inches of wet, heavy snow overnight, Spring is just around the corner.

I hope you found lots to make you happy this week!

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Barb said...

Your lap-ghan is very pretty and I bit it will be nice to use on one of your cold evenings in Maine!