February 19, 2013

Road Trip Splurge

On Sunday, I took a road trip here with a friend.  She had a gift certificate to Keepsake Quilting that was burning a hole in her pocket and I went along so that I could go next door to Patternworks.

If you are ever in the neighborhood, or even in the general vicinity and you're a fabric fan, go.  I've never been anywhere that has this much quilting fabric under one roof.  The staff are really nice and it's worth just browsing around to see all the many colors, themes and possibilities located under one roof.

 As we were leaving, I came across this great Halloween display.  There were some pumpkin faces on the wall that were made totally from 2x2 (I think) squares.  I thought I had better picture but I can't seem to find it.  I will try and download it from my phone again.

EDITED:  I found the other photo!  I had to adjust the exposure so you could see the pieces.  They were so cute!

I was looking for blocking pins for the shawl I knit last fall but unfortunately, they did not have what I needed.  But of course I couldn't leave empty handed now could I?  Of course not!  I came home with some cotton I plan to turn into crocheted grannies (I think) and a great new crochet book by Edie Eckman.

Last night I put the final rounds into a giant grannie square lap size afghan I've been working on forever but I still need to put a finishing edge on it.  I pulled out another Edie Eckman I have with all borders in it so I'm going to put my feet up and browse through the book to see if I can find something that will finish off my piece quickly and easily so I can get started on something new.

Thanks for stopping by to visit and for leaving me comments.  I've been so obsessed with stitching lately, I've been very remiss in stopping long enough to leave comments on all your blogs but I will be better, I promise!


Barb said...

Oh dear, I would be parted with a good amount of money if I visited that fabric shop!! I loved the Halloween display. I think I could do Halloween all year! I don't crochet but that book had such cute things on the cover, I would be tempted.

Anna van Schurman said...

I've always wanted to go there, but now that my trips are to Maine, not New Hampshire, it's a bit further. (Just a bit.) But now that I see you've done it...

Laura said...

I'm jealous, Patti! That looks like fabric/Halloween heaven to me!