February 24, 2013

Beading Has Begun!

It's been a stay at home weekend so far and yesterday I started the beading on my Halloween Fairy while watching movies from Redbox.  It's going faster than I expected and I'm loving it more and more.
The full view above and some close ups below.

We are in the middle of another snow storm and this is the view outside my window right now.  It looks pretty but it's very treacherous because this kind of snow is what brings down tree limbs and power lines.  It's very wet and heavy and the wind has picked up. 

I shoveled about 3-4 inches or more around 10am to try and keep a head of it but I would guess another 2-3 has fallen since then.  Cross your fingers my power doesn't go out!


P.J. said...

I am loving this project, the beading is beautiful. Snow has been coming down since yesterday evening up here. Up to eight inches now, like you said, pretty but wet. Here's to keeping the power on.

P.J. said...
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Barb said...

I do love the Halloween Fairy. The beading will make it sparkle. Over 30 years ago I was in Maine in a horrible ice storm! Take care!!