February 2, 2013

52 Weeks of Christmas-Week 5

It's been a very hectic week and I did not really focus on what my happy things would be this week but I have managed to come up with a few.

The week started off with a wonderful Sunday breakfast made for me by my BIL.  He's a very creative cook and makes great breakfasts even if he does tend to burn the meat!

Despite the breakfast and several meals out over the weekend, my scale made me pretty happy on Monday.  I've been trying to get back to my exercise routine and eating right and my scale told me I had dropped three pounds so I was VERY happy about that.

And my final happy for the week is that the days are getting longer so that even at 5:15 there's still plenty of daylight left for walking the dog.  It's all starting to add up minute by minute.


Barb said...

Great things to be happy about. I have noticed the daylight and that makes me very happy.

Brigitte said...

Your third happy thing is also mine. Knowing that daylight starts to appear some minutes earlier each day just makes me happy.

P.J. said...

Nice Haapies!! My hound will be happy too when the evening walks start up. It will be even better when the temps scoot up a bit too. Have a happy week!