April 6, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy - Week 14

This photo was taken at 6:30pm on Monday and it made my happy list because I am loving having the extra daylight hours after getting home from work.  It's staying light until almost 7:30pm at this point.  This is a photo of the my office/craft room space.  It needs some attention...

This week I used a holiday gift card and some appreciation dividends to place an online order from Talbots.  I am so loving the turquoise and red combination - it really makes me happy! So does making my dollars go farther with gift money.
 This was taken on Thursday evening.  I had taken Beau to day care and he got a bath and his nails clipped while he was there.  I caught him enjoying the late evening sunshine.  He got a belly rub out of this and it made both of us happy.
And finally, I did a little in person shopping at Talbot's today and could not resist these red patent leather shoes in Poppy.  Who doesn't love a comfortable and stylish pair of red shoes for spring/summer. These will be making me happy every time I wear them!


P.J. said...

Love your work space. But Beau takes the prize for the happy pics, the shoes are cute but that hound is adorable. I love it when our Basset and the cat snuggle together in the sun patches. :-)

Barb said...

I agree, the extra daylight is great! I do love the red and turquoise things! Plus those shoes are so cute!