April 15, 2013

Too close to home...

By now I'm sure you've heard about what happened at today's Boston Marathon and that an 8 year old child was one of the fatalities.  I'm sure there will be much more information to come but whoever or whatever was responsible doesn't really matter.  Today in New England, it was Patriot's Day, a local celebration where banks are closed and many businesses close so that employees can enjoy a day off and maybe run in the Boston Marathon.  It's traditionally a fun and celebratory day.  Not so much this Patriot's Day. 

In running marathons, or any race for that matter, it's all about the timing.  A friend and co-work had just exited the recovery tent at today's marathon by about 2 minutes when the explosions occurred.  By luck and timing, she was past the finish line area and danger by just a few minutes and she and her family were safe and sound.  That makes me very happy and very sad for those who were not so lucky.  My niece and her boyfriend had planned to run today and for various reasons, they did not. That makes me happy and very sad for those who were not so lucky. 

Please keep all the injured and those who lost their lives in your thoughts and prayers.  I saw a news segment where an "expert" made a statement that by continuing to live your life, you thwart terrorists or others whose actions have the potential to alter your life and routines. Keep those who've been impacted in your mind as you keep to your daily lives. 

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Barb said...

I am glad that your friends and family were safe in this very tragic situation.